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This website aims to serve the authentic movement community, broadly defined. We provide a location for world-wide connection and information sharing, including: 

  • The Journal of Authentic Movement and Somatic Inquiry (JAMSI), a peer-reviewed, edited journal offering articles about Authentic Movement and its offshoots.

  • Free sharing of information about Authentic Movement for announcements of brief duration can be made on the Authentic Movement Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/48153313102/

  • A report on the International Authentic Movement Gathering of June 2006, with lots of thoughts on topics from "spirituality" to "developing a web presence."

This website arose from the first International Gathering of Authentic Movers in June 2006. We celebrated with gratitude A Moving Journal which discontinued publication at that time.  (Click the link for A Moving Journal to see an index of past issues and how to order them.)  We hope this web site continues some of the functions and blessings provided by AMJ.  A Moving Journal Digital Copies are now available for free.  http://www.authenticmovementcommunity.org/moving-journal-back-issues